Evil Eye Apparel : What is your wish?

A simple search of  “evil eye shirt” in google gives you results that will make you shake your head and hit the back button. The obnoxious pricing of $25-30 for a simple shirt with a badly drawn evil eye on it is enough to disgust you into looking for something else. Well… Evil Eye Blog has some good news.

In a few weeks, you will be able to access a wide range of evil eye apparel thanks to JEYLA’s (www.jeyla.com) new line of evil eye apparel. Accompanied by accessories such as hair clips, money clips or even pins for jackets, the new line of evil eye apparel will be affordable and will feature great designs.

As we await to see if JEYLA delivers on this promise, let us know what you would like to see as an item on this new collection. A sweatshirt, a hat or maybe an evil eye jersey to strike fear in your opponents? The options are there but… what is your wish?

Evil Eyes… There are apps for that!


Search the iTunes app store and you will be amazed with the number of evil eye apps with claims of protecting you as well as your phone from the forces of evil.  Are these apps that provide you with a way of putting the evil eye on your phone as most of the smartphones cannot use evil eye cell phone charms or just to get your 99cents because it seems like nothing to spend?

There are thousands of applications for smartphones and most are just designed to take away your money by simply being cheap. You can get an app similar to the various evil eye applications for 99cents or at most a few dollars that serve no real purpose but at the end of the day, we have our excuses for spending the money for it like…it did not cost you much,less than a cup of coffee etc.

Just like anything else that we would consider a ‘luxury’, these applications are there to provide an outlet for your disposable income. We will start looking these applications let you decide if they are worth the money you spend on them.

New Evil Eye Jewelry from Jeyla


The start of the new year brings a brand new line of Jeyla Exclusive items. The collection  features over 20 new evil eye bracelets, 15 new pairs of evil eye earrings  and 10 new evil eye necklaces. Due to the huge success of last years designs, the collection for this year has almost tripled when compared to what was offered in the past.

 This years designs feature the evil eye beads in three different sizes, the 8mm, the 12mm and the 13 x 9mm. They have been paired with a wide range of beads including wood, semi – precious stones, and glass beads in all sorts of shapes and colors.   There is truly something for everyone in this years selections.

As with their collection in the past all the pieces can be customized. Matching items can be made and sizes can be adjusted.  They expect to have the collection released by mid February so make sure you check it out.

Evil eye jewelry deals

Evil Eye Gift Set from JEYLA Jewelry

The weeks after the holidays are always very similar. As the dust settles, we have a lot to do…AGAIN! The cleanup, recovery, returning or exchanging of several gifts, finding room for those gifts that might not be as practical as once thought, and of course the post holiday deals in the stores.

We are not just talking about the specials being run on the sweaters with the green Xmas tree on it. There are still several deals to be had in stores and even more importantly online. Several websites run specials on items that did not sell well as expected or even at times to appeal to that gift card you got.

Evil Eye Jewelry shopping is just like any other and there are still several great deals to be had online. Jeyla Jewelry @ www.jeyla.com still has several great offers including the $14.99 gift set featuring a beautiful swarovski style evil eye bracelet of your choice that comes already wrapped in a gorgeous gift box.

You might need a small gift to thank someone you feel deserves it for what they did this Christmas season or might simply want to reward yourself for a holiday season that can always be tiring. Either way, mission will be accomplished with a great evil eye jewelry offer from JEYLA Jewelry.

A unique gift idea… Evil Eye Watches

Evil Eye Jewelry

The holidays can be a very stressful time of the year. Organizing or planning for family get togethers, traveling and with the most stressful part being shopping for gifts. The challenge of shopping for the same people repeatedly and trying to find a unique item every year can be extremely difficult.

Retailers and manufacturers try to create new trends and themes and sometimes the customers create their own trend by going after items that are not very common in stores.

One of this year’s popular items have been the evil eye watches that are exclusively available @ JEYLA. The website of evil eye jewelry carries a wide range of these watches and more importantly can create unique pieces for their customers. The pictured evil eye bracelet is one of these customized pieces, created to match an existing set of jewelry available on the site.

Aside from the many designs that are readily available, the ability to have your own customized evil eye jewelry pieces guarantees that there won’t be a matching or similar gift under the tree and you are sure to get a genuine “Wow!” when the gift is opened.

Evil Eye Shopping

Evil Eye Gifts


The protection received from an evil eye amulet gives can be the best gift to give this season. Whether the person receiving the gift is a believer in the evil eye concept or not is irrelevant as the evil eye has taken many looks that also provide functionality or just a unique fashion look.

EvilEye.org will be looking at ways to pass on the protection of the evil eye through meaningful gifts this season. Evil eye gift options are now more than ever and there are several great deals to be had. Regardless of the budget limit you have for these gifts, there are great evil eye gift ideas that will not only give you the piece of mind but also make you the hero of this holiday season.

Throughout the next two weeks, we will be taking a look at different options you have based on the person you will be shopping for. We will start with taking a look at some of the top evil eye gift sellers from last year. JEYLA, The evil eye store, has been kind enough to provide us with the information on what the most popular gifts were last holiday season and some might surprise you!!!

  •  Evil Eye Jewelry Sets: Designed and budgeted at many different levels, evil eye jewelry sets get the job done in many ways. Some might wear it as sets or just use the pendant to match an outfit. Regardless of how they are utilized, the sets make a perfect gift. JEYLA has extended its selection of jewelry sets with the addition of crystal evil eye jewelry sets like this one. The site also now offers unique pieces that already come in a beautiful gift box which makes gift shopping even easier on your end
  • Rope Bracelets: “This is definitely a great budget choice” says Angela Uras of JEYLA Jewelry. “If you have several youngsters to buy for or just need simple and affordable gifts, these rope bracelets are a no-brainer.” In fact, most of the rope bracelets were bought in multiples last holiday season as these bracelets can make a great and easy gift idea. They are easy to wear, go with anything and most importantly… even teenagers who are the hardest to please, love them!!!
  • Evil Eye Tie and Money Clips: We all know that one stop shopping is more important than ever. While you are getting gifts for all the people on your list, you can also shop for the men on your list with JEYLA for Men collection at www.jeyla.com.
  • Evil Eye Charms and Bracelets: The easiest and most popular gifts are charms and bracelets as they offer the most variety and at times can make the simplest gift. Browse through the huge selection of evil eye pendants at JEYLA and you are sure to find one that the person on your list will love whether it is because the pendant is in their favorite color or simply because it features an evil eye turtle, the animal they love.

Check out our blog through the next two weeks where we will cover gift options for everyone on your list…first up… shopping for the little ones in your life!!

Jeyla gets a makeover!!!

Evil Eye Ring

Jeyla has always been a step ahead of the competition when it comes to online evil eye stores. From its presentation to the professional customer service it provides, the website has always been top notch but it is now better than ever.

Jeyla released its new look website a few days ago and it is already getting rave reviews. From crystal clear close-ups of its beautiful evil eye jewelry to improved shipping and giftwrap options, JEYLA has really set itself apart from the competition.

Angie Uras, sales and marketing manager of JEYLA, says that they have been eagerly awaiting the release of the new look. ” The new features are a compilation of what our customers wanted from us. From adding UPS to shipping options to providing the ability to use google checkout, we have implemented all the requests we have received over the last 3-4 years of our most recent web design.

What is new @ Jeyla?

  • Over 200 new items with new exclusives such as Pandora bracelets, crystal evil eye charms and more
  • Ability to calculate shipping before checkout 
  • The website  has now added UPS as a shipping method along with the US Postal Service
  • Jeyla accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal. They now added Google Checkout
  • Live help via Online Chat
  • Expanded gift wrapping options enables you to choose from several giftwrap options
  • Customize your evil eye jewelry and create an evil eye bracelet with the color combination of your choice!
  • A new blog with evil eye shopping tips as well as information about the evil eye

Check out the new look of the website @ www.jeyla.com . Jeyla has been selling evil eye jewelry online for over 10 years but the latest layout and selection shows that the website is determined to stay well ahead of the competition when it comes to selection and pricing

Evil Eye in Different Languages

The concept of the evil eye is existent in many cultures and even though each refer to it a different way, the evil eye definitely has an important impact in all cultures. Various cultures have various beliefs about it and therefore some cultures might even have multiple phrases even within the same language. The Italians call it the malocchio. In Spanish, it is the malojo, which is a translation of “bad eye,” another English term used to refer to the phenomenon. The concept is also known in Scotland as droch shuil. There are several other translations such as avin harsha in Arabic and avin horeh in Hebrew. The French know it as mauvais oeil, and the Germans as bosen Blick. Among the classical Romans, the lucky eye is called the oculus malus. Like in the Spanish translation, most of these terms are based on the term “bad eye.”

There is some confusion about the evil eye and the lucky eye. To clear things up, the latter is used to counter the effects of the former. It is often used as a protective measure as well. This is why lucky eye jewelries and pins are widely available, although they are sometimes called evil eye jewelries and pins or amulets.

So when referring to jewelries and protective charms, these objects point to the same thing. They are paraphernalia that protects against the curse or negative effects often associated with the belief itself. Regardless of the term you use to call it, the objects work like lucky charms. They are very common among the believers of the evil eye concept, though evil eye jewelry also make good gifts especially for newborns, or a new house etc. basically anything that might cause the envy and jealousy of others.

People have different beliefs about the eye, and treat the lucky eye charms differently. Lucky eye charms come in various forms nowadays, just as there are many terms used to refer to evil eye in different languages and there are many different beliefs about the concept in various cultures. What’s important is for every believer of the this concept, an evil eye jewelry is a must.

What time is it? It is Evil Eye time!!

Evil Eye Watches

JEYLA Jewelry whose website is www.jeyla.com started its evil eye watch collection a few years ago.  The collection started with some of the website’s most popular bracelets in a watch form. As the collection drew more attention and requests, it has become an important category on the evil eye jewelry website.  JEYLA the evil eye store has even started doing custom designs based on requests. Looking for one of their exclusive bracelets with a red watch head, just send them an email for a quick quote.

The evil eye watch concept has evolved into a large option for those who are looking for a different avenue of showing their belief in the evil eye and want to protect themselves. We all need to know the time as it is perhaps our most valuable asset and the ability to combine this need with the need to protect ourselves from the evil eye results in this natural combination.

Evil eye watches can come in a variety of looks from a higher end look with sterling silver or 14K gold trim to more of a spring look with colorful evil eye beads. You can visit JEYLA the Evil Eye Store to see some of their exclusive evil eye watch collection.

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