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Evil Eyes… There are apps for that!


Search the iTunes app store and you will be amazed with the number of evil eye apps with claims of protecting you as well as your phone from the forces of evil.


Evil Eye Shopping

Evil Eye Gifts

  The protection received from an evil eye amulet gives can be the best gift to give this season. Whether the person receiving the gift is a believer in the evil eye concept or not is irrelevant as the evil eye has taken many looks that also provide functionality or just a unique fashion look. [...]


Evil Eye in Different Languages

The concept of the evil eye is existent in many cultures and even though each refer to it a different way, the evil eye definitely has an important impact in all cultures. Various cultures have various beliefs about it and therefore some cultures might even have multiple phrases even within the same language. The Italians [...]


Gold Evil Eye Jewelry

The Golden Cage

Evil eye gold jewelry is very much in demand in the evil eye craze these days. Gold jewelry has always been a staple in the jewelry industry. There are sterling silver and Swarovski studded evil eye jewelry around, but why exactly should you take the golden road? Gold evil eye jewelry is as timeless as [...]


Evil Eye: Fact or Fiction

Heart shaped evil eye charm

The concept of the curse or the thought of its possibility has been around for more than a millennium. Millions of beliefs and superstitions have come and gone but the evil eye (otherwise known as the lucky eye) is still stronger than ever. “We had several people visiting to see our newborn. The day was [...]


Lucky Eye or the Evil Eye?

Light Blue Evil Eye Bead

The debate over the term used to describe the phenomena continues. Perhaps before we call it a name, we should understand what it is. The belief is that an envious look at your belongings, family or even lifestyle, can cause ill effects where things take a turn for the worst. The look that the individual [...]


What is the evil eye

Evil Eye in its purest form, just a beautiful glass amulet

While there are many who insist the evil eye is nothing more than good old-fashioned superstition, to the believers of the evil eye its powers are nothing to be taken lightly.

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