Lucky Eye or the Evil Eye?

Light Blue Evil Eye Bead

The debate over the term used to describe the phenomena continues. Perhaps before we call it a name, we should understand what it is.

The belief is that an envious look at your belongings, family or even lifestyle, can cause ill effects where things take a turn for the worst. The look that the individual gives out when they cause this effect is most commonly known as the evil eye. If you are a believer in the concept of the evil eye, then you definitely know the importance of protecting yourself from it.

This is where the concept of the lucky eye comes in. There are two theories as to why some use the term. The first one is the fact that it sounds a lot less paranoid and a lot friendlier. Receiving a gift of a ‘lucky eye bracelet’ sure sounds a lot less ‘weird’ than getting an ‘evil eye bracelet’. This is even more important if the person receiving the gift is new to the concept itself.

The second theory on why the term ‘lucky eye’ is used is mainly due to the belief that it offsets the effect of the evil eye. A lucky eye pin given as a gift to go on a newborn’s crib or a charm for a bracelet are just a few examples of attempts to offset the evil eye through the use of a lucky eye charm. Other examples of lucky eye amulets include jewelry or even other fine jewelry featuring a few glass beads.

Regardless of what you call the charm used or the shape/form it takes, one thing is for certain. If you are a believer in the concept of the evil eye, it is very important that a form of evil eye protection is used even if it is a simple piece of evil eye jewelry.

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