What is the evil eye

Evil Eye in its purest form, just a beautiful glass amulet

 The evil eye is a belief that a person can harm you,your children,  or your belongings simply by looking at them with envy and praising them.  Jealousy, envy, or praise can inflict all kinds of misfortune. The penetrating look is believed to cause illness, injury, or death upon its intentional or unintentional target. Most common is the belief that the evil eye can cause things to whither away or dry up — the loss of crops, drying up of milk in nursing mothers, impotency in men, illness among children, are all commonly attributed to the evil eye.

The concept of the evil eye plays a very important role in many cultures. Evil eye is a strong belief among many and the strength of the belief can be seen the various types of talismans that people use to fend off the evil eye and its effects. Baby clothes and cribs will feature an evil eye pin, cars will have an evil eye hanging  on the rear-view mirror while homes will have various forms of wall hanging evil eye throughout.  Many wear different forms of evil eye jewelry to blend the evil eye into their fashion.  The object is to protect your loved ones or your possessions from the effects of the evil eye.

The belief of the evil eye has no religious boundaries as it coexists with almost every religion from Christianity to Islam. It is in fact mentioned in the Old Testament and a big part of the Jewish folklore as well. Throughout history , the evil eye has affected the lives of many and has shaped many cultures in their beliefs and behaviour.

Today, belief in the evil eye is very much alive, especially so in Italy, Greece, Turkey, India, South America, and the Arab world. All these cultures have different names for the Evil Eye from “Mal Ojo” in Spanish to ” Baskania ” in Greek. Indians call it “Drishtidosham and the Arabs call it ” Ayin Harsha” .Regardless of the word they use to refer to it, one thing is for certain . While there are many who insist the evil eye is nothing more than good old-fashioned superstition, to the believers of the evil eye its powers are nothing to be taken lightly.

Many beliefs have come and gone over the years and all of these superstitious beliefs can cause controversy. We, for the most part, agree to disagree on the acknowledgement of these beliefs. We feel strongly for the ones we agree with and deny the ones we find trivial with great passion. The evil eye has seem to pass the test of time. We might not all feel as strong about the evil eye and what it represents but we are almost afraid to deny its presence.

Afterall….what if…let’s hang this blue glass evil eye here just in case.

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