Evil Eye Socks

Evil Eye for Kids

Evil Eye amulets for kids have been around for years. The traditional evil eye pin put on a baby’s crib or shoulder is very common especially in Meditterranean countries like Greece and Turkey. Almost most gifts given to the new parents include the evil eye pin or charm to protect the adored baby from the effects of the evil eye.

Here is an opportunity to break the mold and present a unique gift that is cute and thoughtful. Evil Eye Socks available in different colors are an excellent gift idea for a new born or even for a birthday of a toddler. Available in different colors such as pink,blue,green as well as yellow, the evil eye socks makes your gift stand out

Evil Eye socks are not very common or easy to find in the US or Europe but online stores such as JEYLA,www.jeyla.com, have these socks available as well as hooded towels in their JEYLA for kids section where they have a variety of evil eye gift ideas for new borns as well as toddlers and kids.

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