Evil Eye Towels

Turkish Towel with Evil Eye Patch

The people we want to protect the most are always our kids.  Their cuteness especially at younger ages can attract a lot of the evil eye and they are perhaps in the most vulnerable age. This is why many parents use evil eye pins on infants’ cribs or throughout their rooms. The sheer amount of visitors commenting on how adorable the baby is – and lets face it, they all are – can attract a lot of negative energy as some of this admiration can be linked to jealousy as well.

Evil eyes are being featured in clothing more frequently than ever before especially when it comes to clothing of the little ones in our lives. The evil eye patch is used in many pieces of clothing and the evil eye towels is a great example of this. The one you can see in the photo of this article is a quality Turkish towel that is 100% cotton. It measures 29inches x 29 inches and has a minie hoodie. The evil eye towel is available in blue and pink and is a very popular item it protects them from the evil eye at the peak of their cuteness…  bath time!!

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