Evil Eye Wedding Favors

evil eye wedding favor

Unique wedding favors can really flair your wedding reception.  JEYLA the evil eye store has created a collection that is not only unique but elegant and thoughtful. Their new line of shower gifts and wedding favors not only have a touch of culture but also pass on a piece of the host’s heritage.

The evil eye  is a part of most Mediterranean cultures like Greek and Italian as well as a very strong belief in the Hispanic culture. The evil eye, also called the lucky eye, can make a very unique favor for any occasion and they have created several designs that you can offer your guests.

These products are an excellent idea for any Greek, Italian, Turkish, and Mexican wedding or party.

Items such as the pretty little gold bell with the saying “Join us in ringing the bell to celebrate a lifetime of Love and Happiness” and the always popular bottle of bubbles, both with sterling silver evil eye pendants attached,  give your guests a little piece of luck to take with them.

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