Gold Evil Eye Jewelry

The Golden Cage

Evil eye gold jewelry is very much in demand in the evil eye craze these days. Gold jewelry has always been a staple in the jewelry industry. There are sterling silver and Swarovski studded evil eye jewelry around, but why exactly should you take the golden road?

Gold evil eye jewelry is as timeless as the very belief in the concept of the evil eye. The gold look is classic and timeless; it never goes out of style. Gold is also not prone to discoloration, so most gold jewelry lasts a long time. Gold can also be easily shaped in various shapes and sizes, so it is easy to find some really beautifully designed gold jewelry. And aside from its plus in aesthetics, gold evil eye jewelry is also friendly to most users. Gold does not easily tarnish because it does not react with most other elements which is also why it is now known as a source of any allergies.

For evil eye gold jewelry, your best choice would be 14k gold. Evil eye gold should be hard and durable since you naturally have to wear your lucky charm all the time and for a long time. 14k gold is just right for this purpose.

14k gold for your evil eye gold is gold that contains 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of other metals. In total, it is 58.3% pure gold. In most, if not all, cases, the other metals used are harder than pure gold. So since 14k gold has a higher percentage of other metals than 18k gold and the other metals are often much harder than pure gold, 14k gold evil eye jewelry tends to be harder than 18k or pure 24k gold jewelry. 14k gold evil eye jewelry also tends to last longer and resist tarnishes and scratches. So if you want your gold evil eye bracelet to last long, go with 14k gold.

Gold also comes in different colors such as yellow gold and white gold, so you can choose the type that you like best. You can select from various evil eye gold bracelets that use evil eye beads of different colors, or even multi-colored beads. There are also a lot of evil eye charms encased in gold that you can attach to a necklace chain. A wide selection of evil eye gold jewelry is available to you, so you can enjoy making your choice. This way, you don’t just get a bracelet that can protect you from the evil eye but also get a bracelet that expresses your personal style.

If you are looking for an evil eye protective bracelet or any other type of jewelry, make sure to get one that will last long and one that suits your personal taste. For this purpose, the durability and timelessness of gold jewelry will take you a long way. And since gold is popular in the jewelry industry, it won’t be hard for you to find an evil eye bracelet or necklace with a beautiful design and a style that expresses your personal taste.

Evil Eye Wedding Favors

evil eye wedding favor

Unique wedding favors can really flair your wedding reception.  JEYLA the evil eye store has created a collection that is not only unique but elegant and thoughtful. Their new line of shower gifts and wedding favors not only have a touch of culture but also pass on a piece of the host’s heritage.

The evil eye  is a part of most Mediterranean cultures like Greek and Italian as well as a very strong belief in the Hispanic culture. The evil eye, also called the lucky eye, can make a very unique favor for any occasion and they have created several designs that you can offer your guests.

These products are an excellent idea for any Greek, Italian, Turkish, and Mexican wedding or party.

Items such as the pretty little gold bell with the saying “Join us in ringing the bell to celebrate a lifetime of Love and Happiness” and the always popular bottle of bubbles, both with sterling silver evil eye pendants attached,  give your guests a little piece of luck to take with them.

Evil Eye Socks

Evil Eye for Kids

Evil Eye amulets for kids have been around for years. The traditional evil eye pin put on a baby’s crib or shoulder is very common especially in Meditterranean countries like Greece and Turkey. Almost most gifts given to the new parents include the evil eye pin or charm to protect the adored baby from the effects of the evil eye.

Here is an opportunity to break the mold and present a unique gift that is cute and thoughtful. Evil Eye Socks available in different colors are an excellent gift idea for a new born or even for a birthday of a toddler. Available in different colors such as pink,blue,green as well as yellow, the evil eye socks makes your gift stand out

Evil Eye socks are not very common or easy to find in the US or Europe but online stores such as JEYLA,, have these socks available as well as hooded towels in their JEYLA for kids section where they have a variety of evil eye gift ideas for new borns as well as toddlers and kids.

Evil Eye Cell Phone Charms

Cell Phone Charm with evil eye beads

Cell Phones especially smartphones that we carry around all day have become almost as important as our wallet or purse. Most of us can’t even imagine a life without our cell phone as our schedule, contacts, and essentially our life is stored on them

Only makes sense that we would want to protect it from the evil eye. The growing craze of cell phones which does not seem to slow down by any means, brought out a need for a new accessory, the cell phone charms. Evil Eye cell phone charms answer the bell(or ring in this case?) Take a look at the wide selection of evil eye phone charms available

CZ Evil Eye Bracelets

Evil Eye Bracelet

To find evil eye bracelets that suit your taste, you should check out the many different types of evil eye jewelry available around. If you are going to use jewelry to protect yourself from misfortune, you might as well do it in style.

The craft of evil eye jewelry making is now so dynamic so that people will have options. Now, aside from gold or silver bracelets, you can also use evil eye CZ bracelets and Swarovski style evil eye bracelets to add a little sparkle to your protective talisman. 

Evil eye CZ bracelets are evil eye bracelets dotted with cubic zirconia beads. CZ or cubic zirconia is a type of synthetic diamond; it is not a diamond but it looks like one. But of course, it does not have the price tag of a diamond, so it is often used as an alternative to diamond. CZ evil eye bracelets sparkle like diamonds, so they look attractive, but they are also very affordable. CZ crystals are also often hard and flawless, so untrained eyes won’t notice the difference between these sparkly crystals and genuine diamond.  In fact, since diamonds usually have some physical defects or flaws, wearing a flawless CZ crystal will look impressive. CZ crystals are also usually colorless. If you know a lot about the diamond world, you’ll know that colorless diamonds are very rare and extremely expensive. You should, however, expect CZ bracelets to be heavier than real diamond bracelets. All the same, wearing evil eye CZ bracelets is definitely a great way to protect yourself.

Aside from the evil eye CZ bracelets and other jewelry pieces, you can also check out Swarovski style evil eye bracelets. These bracelets are evil eye jewelry studded with Swarovski crystals. Swarovski crystals are attractive and colorful crystals that are used in making jewelry. They are well-liked because they add both color and sparkle. Because of this, Swarovski evil eye jewelry is also very popular. There are Swarovski charm bracelets, bracelets with alternate Swarovski crystals and evil eye beads, and several other special Swarovski selections. You can choose from 12mm beads, 13mm beads, and 8mm beads. Some also offer special foil beads and square beads. There are also bracelets that feature small Swarovski rings in between the evil eye beads.

You can easily find these great evil eye jewelry offers online. All these choices will allow you to choose the best evil eye bracelets that will protect you and help you express your personal beliefs and personal style at the same time. For a quick guide to evil eye bracelets, also check out where different types of evil eye bracelets are covered along with tips on how to choose the best deals.

Evil Eye Jewelry and Beadwork

Evil Eye Bracelet by JEYLA

The endless possibilities of evil eye jewelry through the use of evil eye beads enables the evil eye shopping destinations like to provide a never ending range of products.

The bracelet pictured above is an exclusive to the site as many other designs available. The evil eye beads are available to buy individually as well if you wish to make your own creations. Glass evil eye beads are the most popular choice when it comes to evil eye jewelry making as the appeal of the shiny glass beads cannot be duplicated by the acrylic evil eye beads. Various sizes and colors available will let you create anything from evil eye necklaces to evil eye bracelets.

As you can see in the piece pictured, the contrast you create with other beads or spacers is what really makes the jewelry piece stand out. Most evil eye jewelry pieces feature the refined glass evil eyes as opposed to the traditional evil eye beads which are not as standardized in terms of size as well as color. For a great guide on evil eye beads as well as evil eye jewelry ideas and information, check out as well.

Glass Evil Eye Charms

Evil Eye Glass Charm

Evil eye charms are a very important part of evil eye jewelry. The wide variety of evil eye charms enable us to incorporate it to any clothing from a colorful summer dress to a more serious business suit. A simple blue evil eye charm can be used for both but the casual daily outfit is open to more possibilities.

The colorful glass evil eye charms can be the perfect match for any sun dress or any spring/summer outfit. As the cold weather continues outside during these grey February days, it is never too early to dream of the spring that is waiting around the corner. Glass evil eye charms provide the perfect accessory to any outfit. Available in various shapes and bright colors, you can definitely find one to match your style. From a bright red teardrop with a light blue evil eye to a green star shaped evil eye charm, the wide variety of these charms can provide the ultimate final touch to any outfit.

Look for more of these charms in the upcoming spring season as they are expected to take over the summer fashion along with the evil eye rope bracelets which were the rising star of evil eye jewelry last season.

Are all evil eye bracelets created equal?

Dark Blue Sterling Silver Evil Eye Bracelet

A simple search of the keyword ‘evil eye bracelet’ on google reveals over 11 million results on. The large number is mainly due to the wide variety of these bracelets as well as the different levels of quality they are made in. One must be careful in choosing one as low price does not always equate to quality and there are specific aspects to look for if you want the best value.

What should you look for in an evil eye bracelet? I guess the answer to the question depends on what you are looking for. If what you are looking for is quality, read on as there are several key things to look at.

First off, you need to look at the material used on the evil eye bracelet. Majority of the evil eye bracelets available on the internet are either zinc plated or sterling silver along with a small selection of gold evil eye bracelets. If you are looking to get any long-term use of the bracelet, ignore anything less than sterling silver bracelets. Almost all zinc coated bracelets are of poor quality and will tarnish drastically or even rust within a few weeks. They are extremely cheap for a reason. Most quality evil eye stores do not even carry them if they value customer satisfaction and repeat business. Gold evil eye bracelets are almost exclusively 14K gold as anything higher is usually too soft to work with when it comes to this type of evil eye bracelets. 

Once you decided between a sterling silver and gold evil eye bracelet, your next step is to examine the main part of your bracelet, the evil eye itself. Some of the less expensive evil eye bracelets feature poor quality glass eyes which can result in a poor appearance as well as discomfort when wearing them as the bracelet is not evenly balanced therefore will not sit right on your wrist. Only a few companies boast using quality glass and proud to show off their items with close-ups on their websites. The key aspect to look for in the glass eyes is consistency, in other words, are all the glass eyes alike. They will not be exact duplicates but size as well as the roundness must be very similar to produce a high quality bracelet. 

Next thing to inspect is the quality of the links used on the bracelet and the clasp itself. Do not buy an evil eye bracelet that does not have a lobster clasp as other styles of clasps tend to break a lot easier and lobster clasps are proven to last longer. The links on the bracelet are also important since you want it to sit evenly without the possibility of snapping between the glass beads during daily activity.

There are several websites on the internet that sell these bracelets. The tips given to you above will not narrow down the 11 million choices you have down to one, but will enable to eliminate a huge majority of them. For examples of higher quality evil eye bracelets and other forms of evil eye jewelry, visit a website that specializes in the items you are looking for  and not one that sells some for the sake of variety.

Angie Uras is the sales and marketing manager of JEYLA (, the evil eye jewelry store. Angie has been working with production,marketing, and sales of evil eye jewelry for over 10 years. She currently resides in Chicago,IL but is involved in evil eye sales and marketing all over the world with close contacts in Turkey as well as a wholesaler for evil eye shops in Australia, Mexico, Spain, Canada,Russia, Greece and throughout the US.

Evil Eye Towels

Turkish Towel with Evil Eye Patch

The people we want to protect the most are always our kids.  Their cuteness especially at younger ages can attract a lot of the evil eye and they are perhaps in the most vulnerable age. This is why many parents use evil eye pins on infants’ cribs or throughout their rooms. The sheer amount of visitors commenting on how adorable the baby is – and lets face it, they all are – can attract a lot of negative energy as some of this admiration can be linked to jealousy as well.

Evil eyes are being featured in clothing more frequently than ever before especially when it comes to clothing of the little ones in our lives. The evil eye patch is used in many pieces of clothing and the evil eye towels is a great example of this. The one you can see in the photo of this article is a quality Turkish towel that is 100% cotton. It measures 29inches x 29 inches and has a minie hoodie. The evil eye towel is available in blue and pink and is a very popular item it protects them from the evil eye at the peak of their cuteness…  bath time!!

Evil Eye: Fact or Fiction

Heart shaped evil eye charm

The concept of the curse or the thought of its possibility has been around for more than a millennium. Millions of beliefs and superstitions have come and gone but the evil eye (otherwise known as the lucky eye) is still stronger than ever. “We had several people visiting to see our newborn. The day was full of compliments of how cute and healthy she was as many visitors came to the house with constant adoration. That same night our baby was ill with a high fever that seemed out of control. My husband and I could not figure out why until one of our friends mentioned the evil eye and explained us the belief and how it could have possibly been the cause. We have been a strong believer since and will cherish the evil eye selection you have. We have seen first hand that you can never have enough evil eye protection and we are definitely not going to live without protecting ourselves from it” writes Jennifer Kypzcak from Mingo, Ohio. Was it the evil eye that gave this baby a high fever or a simpler explanation of one of the people in that house that day brought over an uninvited germ along with them? The discussion almost seems endless due to the inability to show concrete examples or as the skeptics would say, scientific proof. Do we really need such proof to believe in the concept or is it one of those things that we know is there regardless of the concrete proof?

This lack of irrefutable evidence has not taken a hit on the belief itself. The fact that the belief is still around despite debunking of many others shows that there is something stronger in the concept. Some might refer to it as superstition but the belief has been passed on from generation to generation and has not lost any of its momentum. A quick search will reveal thousands of stories which would be considered testimonials to any believer. Is the it for real? It is a debate that will never end nor produce a result. The evil eye belief or as some call it, the lucky eye remains to affect the daily lives of many around the world. This is why there are thousands of purchases made every day for different forms of evil eye protection from evil eye jewelry to cell phone charms. The discussion of the belief being real or just another fear created by our imagination will go on forever. Ask any believer and they will be sure to tell you that it is better to be safe than sorry.

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