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Evil Eye Apparel : What is your wish?

Let us know what you would like to see as an item on this new collection. A sweatshirt, a hat or maybe an evil eye jersey to strike fear in your opponents? The options are there but… what is your wish?


New Evil Eye Jewelry from Jeyla


The start of the new year brings a brand new line of Jeyla Exclusive items. The collection features over 20 new evil eye bracelets, 15 new pairs of evil eye earrings and 10 new evil eye necklaces. Due to the huge success of last years designs, the collection for this year has almost tripled when compared to what was offered in the past


Evil eye jewelry deals

Evil Eye Gift Set from JEYLA Jewelry

The weeks after the holidays are always very similar. As the dust settles, we have a lot to do…AGAIN! The cleanup, recovery, returning or exchanging of several gifts, finding room for those gifts that might not be as practical as once thought, and of course the post holiday deals in the stores. We are not [...]


Jeyla gets a makeover!!!

Evil Eye Ring

Jeyla has always been a step ahead of the competition when it comes to online evil eye stores. From its presentation to the professional customer service it provides, the website has always been top notch but it is now better than ever.


Gold Evil Eye Jewelry

The Golden Cage

Evil eye gold jewelry is very much in demand in the evil eye craze these days. Gold jewelry has always been a staple in the jewelry industry. There are sterling silver and Swarovski studded evil eye jewelry around, but why exactly should you take the golden road? Gold evil eye jewelry is as timeless as [...]


CZ Evil Eye Bracelets

Evil Eye Bracelet

To find evil eye bracelets that suit your taste, you should check out the many different types of evil eye jewelry available around. If you are going to use jewelry to protect yourself from misfortune, you might as well do it in style. The craft of evil eye jewelry making is now so dynamic so [...]


Evil Eye Bracelets – What to look for

Multi Colored Evil Eye Bracelet

A simple search of the keyword ‘evil eye bracelet’ on google reveals over 11 million results on. The large number is mainly due to the wide variety of these bracelets as well as the different levels of quality they are made in. One must be careful in choosing one as low price does not always equate to quality and there are specific aspects to look for if you want the best value.

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